Burger Quest: Five Guys lives up to its praises

Five Guys Burgers and Fries has three locations near campus and offers a complex menu of flavorful items.


Five Guys offers an array of toppings for hamburgers and cheeseburgers at no extra cost. | Job Ang/THE CHIMES

Conner Penfold, Writer

Five Guys offers an array of toppings for hamburgers and cheeseburgers at no extra cost. | Job Ang/THE CHIMES

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is not shy, to say the least, about letting others know what the world thinks of them. High praises from newspaper and magazine reviews, such as “Willy Wonkas of Burgercraft,” “Where burgers are boss” and “Voted ‘Best Burger for Families’” splatter the entirety of the restaurant’s trademark red and white checker-printed walls.

By no means are these overtly displayed acclaims a desperate stretch for positive recognition. The writing on the walls speak truth.

From the hordes of free peanuts to the lively, music-filled atmosphere, Five Guys has created a superb burger eatery, complete with juicy, flavor-filled hamburger patties and all the free toppings your hungry brain could imagine.

Seemingly simple menu offers abundance of options

Things can get confusing at Five Guys, however, if you lack experience ordering from their seemingly simple menu. Asking for a “hamburger” or a “cheeseburger” is going to get you a massive, double-pattied pile of meat, complete with all your unique topping choices. So if you’re not into eating an entire cow, be sure to order the “little hamburger” or “little cheeseburger.”

Aside from the initial confusion, expect one of the more quality hamburgers in the area. But what really makes a Five Guys burger so special is the array of topping choices, which come at no additional cost. To go along with the standard selections, toppings such as grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, jalapenos, relish and green peppers can be added to complement your burger creation.

Want even more flavor? Consider splashing A1 Steak Sauce, BBQ sauce or hot sauce on top.

As far as the French fries are concerned, Five Guys serves just about enough to feed five guys. A large order of their fries, which are cooked in 100 percent peanut oil, will easily satisfy three to four people. And to add a little flavorful kick, try the Cajun Style fries.

Various hot dogs and grilled sandwiches spatter the menu, with the more unique items being the Kosher Style Hot Dog and the Bacon Dog.

Low prices and located close to Biola

A standard meal at Five Guys will cost anywhere from $7 to $8, and of course the hungrier you are, the more dollars you’ll be dishing out at the cash register. But remember to share the French fries with your amigos because it will definitely save you some dinero.

Three locations surround campus — in Cerritos, Fullerton and Whittier — with the closest of the three in Whittier, only 3.5 miles from school.

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