Cooking Column: worms in dirt

Kelsey Farrell shares a fun and easy recipe just in time for Halloween.



| Photo courtesy of Kelsey Farrell.

Kelsey Farrell and Kelsey Farrell

Worms in dirt is an easy-to-make treat perfect for Halloween. |Photo courtesy of Kelsey Farrell.


Though October has just begun, Halloween is just around the corner. You know what that means — interesting outfits, sugar rushes, collecting as much candy as you can carry and lots of fun costume parties.

This is a great opportunity to make an easy, yummy treat that will wow your friends and guests. This dessert goes along perfectly with any Halloween-themed party or gathering. It is also a great little treat for younger siblings, roommates or friends of any age. As college students we often forget to enjoy the little things that we once enjoyed in our childhood. You’re never too old to enjoy this classic dessert and get a fun taste of childhood.


-1 package instant chocolate pudding mix
-1 package Oreo cookies
-Milk, amount varies by instant pudding mix
-1 package of sour or regular gummy worms
*Tip: everything you need can be found at the dollar store, which makes this both an easy and affordable treat

Follow directions on instant pudding mix and, once made, pour into clear plastic cups. Let the pudding set according to the time in the directions on the box. Crush cookies in a bag until the they are fine, dirt-resembling crumbs. Once the pudding is set, sprinkle the cookie crumbs on top of the pudding until the top is fully covered. Finish up by placing gummy worms on and in the crumbs. Enjoy, and don’t forget to refrigerate the leftovers.

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