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Photo by Faith Martinez

Junior Claire Andrews shows off her homemade dresses. Some are from scratch while others are just from second hand stores and have been creatively altered to match her personality.

Wearing clothes that are in style doesn’t mean you have to conform to what everyone else is wearing. Being in style is different in the real world than in the world of high fashion. Real world style means creatively putting together an outfit that reflects your individual personality in an organized way. Today the pressure of being trendy is quickly losing its appeal; now the emphasis is to put on your own personality, let your individuality and creativity shine on the outside as well as the inside. One Biola student takes this to heart and has taken her creativity to the next level.

Junior Claire Andrews has made her own clothes for the past two years. She makes skirts, shirts and dresses. Starting at the end of high school, Andrews learned how to make her own clothes from her mom, who made clothes for her and her sisters. Andrews’ mom taught her everything from reading patterns to how to use a sewing machine. But how does this work for someone who wants to be unique, but doesn’t know where or how to start?

Andrews thinks the easiest way to create your unique wardrobe is to go to secondhand stores, and buy whatever you like.

“It’s time-saving, and it’s a lot easier,” she said.

The clothes don’t necessarily have to fit. Take that item and make it your own. Cut, hem or add to it.

When you want to take your skill to the next level and make your clothes from scratch Andrews suggested a good place to start.

“Skirts are pretty easy because it’s an easy pattern to follow. Stay away from the Vogue patterns because they are the hardest.”

Stores like Jo-Ann’s Fabrics and Crafts are the best choice for affordable fabric, according to Andrews.

“Sometimes sheets have really cool patterns, and you can use that too,” Andrews suggested.

Don’t let the trendy and pricey stores rule your world of fashion; don’t let the fashion designers make your style choices for you. Take the advice from Andrews, and make the clothes you wear uniquely yours.

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