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Brenna Yager

Brenna Yager, Design Editor

Brenna Yager is a senior design major who loves golden retrievers, flip flops, and a good donut.

I am from Santa Barbara, a beautiful beach town about an hour north of Los Angeles. I love going to the beach, watching my golden retriever splash in the waves, while sipping a latte from any local coffee shop. I’m most comfortable in my rainbows and shorts on a picnic blanket, sharing conversations, encouragements, thoughts, and stories with those that I love. 

I’ve grown up loving art, but it wasn’t until college that I realized this love was actually a fascination with the mechanical ways art works. I’m obsessed with learning about why one typeface might communicate better than another. I’ll never reach the end of the infinite list of colors I can create on my laptop. There’s something I love about graphic design being the sole vehicle for communication when many find the multi-layered communication happening in the fine arts to be distant and unreachable. 

I love creating for those that are passionate. Whether it’s a book cover or a business card, a T-Shirt or a mock up of a funky pattern on a couch, I’m excited about what others are excited about. 

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Brenna Yager