FashioNOsta: Makeup in minutes

A couple of avid readers have been asking me for makeup tips and tricks, so here you go girls! It’s 7:50 a.m. — you just woke up and class is in 10 minutes. You have approximately five minutes to get dressed to make it to class on time. You think to yourself that hair in a ponytail, jeans, a T-shirt, a cute bag and shoes will keep you out of the “fashion don’t” section.

Now for the makeup: mascara and lip gloss are the way to go if you’re in a rush. Mascara is the most important item in that makeup bag. If nothing else, it will open up your eyes and make you look like you got more than four hours of sleep.

Here’s another tip: if you put a little white eyeliner on the insides of your eyes, you will look like you’ve had your coffee, read the morning paper and gone jogging. Trust me, it works miracles.

If you’re not a big lip gloss kind of girl, put on some lip liner that is a tiny bit darker than your lips and some chapstick. You will be amazed at how good it looks. In fact, it’s a personal favorite of mine when I don’t want sticky, glossed lips all day. I’ve gotten more compliments on my little bit of MAC lip liner and pink lemonade lip smackers than anything else. Girls don’t ever believe me when I tell them what I use, and most times I have to pull out the tube to prove it.

All right, so if you have a little more time to put on something other than mascara and gloss, go for the face makeup, eyeshadow and blush. Most girls use a powder face makeup with a brush, but others use foundation. Whatever your preference, just spread it evenly with a little bit at a time. You can always add more. This is a good rule to remember with any makeup at all, whether blush, eyeshadow or lip gloss — you can always add more! So don’t go overboard right away.

Please make sure your face makeup is close to your skin color. You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask.

Now if you’re not into matching your eyeshadow with your shirt then a neutral peachy-pink or brown with some sparkles in it will do just fine. Now I’m not talking about chunks of glitter in your eyeshadow; I’m talking about shimmer. No chunky glitter please. We’re not playing dress up! So put some of that eyeshadow on and a thin line of dark brown or black eyeliner along your lash line and a coat of mascara, and you are good to go. Now onto blush, or for some girls, bronzer: Just a little bit that’s a little darker than your skin color will do the trick, and it will help accentuate those cheekbones. Just take a little bit and rub it right under your cheekbones.

With a little practice, all of this makeup can be done in five to seven minutes. It can be done ladies!

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