A.S. Senate: Switchfoot booked for Feb. concert; Octoberfest moved to November

At the AS Senate’s weekly Tuesday meetings senators give audience to parties requesting money, vote on pending proposals and discuss finances. Here is an outlined summary of the most recent senate meeting, which was held October 2nd.

New Proposals (have yet to be voted on)

Social Justice Ministries — Planning an event called “Broken Bread Poverty Meal” — $200

  1. “Getting inside of the lives of people broken by extreme poverty all over the world”
  2. Chapel service will be held
  3. They need money to bring in speaker
  4. Idea comes from lack of results from last year’s “ONE Campaign” resolution
  5. Fasting beforehand, students will eat porridge on Metzger lawn to symbolize global poverty.

Yearbook Editor-in-Chief—Compensate staff for driving related expenses—$100

  1. Says many good yearbook stories are acquired from writers going off-campus
  2. Only will be used if writers are going to get story material (not for coffee)
  3. Examples: swimming, cross-country, forensics team, debate team, events going on off-campus

Sigma Improvements—$300

  1. Two bulletin boards
  2. 75 doorstops
  3. New DVD player

RC of Tropicana (Alex Carpenter)—“Christmas Cruise”—$1,500

  1. Event for block residents (3-year tradition)
  2. In Long Beach harbor
  3. Purchasing dessert, beverages
  4. Objectives: to “celebrate the end of semester as a community”
  5. “Honor the December graduates with a celebration”
  6. “Cultivate relationships among residents”
  7. Have already received money from other sources, plus students pay $5 to go

Voting (on proposals from the previous week)

**unless noted otherwise, all proposals passed in their full amount.

Horton Improvements—$800, PASSED

  1. Rugs, art, artificial plants, etc.

Rugby club funding—$1,900, NOT-PASSED

Newspapers and magazines for SUB—$120, PASSED

Change boxes for Horton—$100, PASSED

  1. Need them for a charity fundraiser

Candyland—$1,425, PASSED

  1. Trick or Treat event put on by Alpha

Commuter event—$250, PASSED

Vice President of Finance’s Report (amounts do not include this week’s passed proposals)

  • $112, 989 remaining in Fall 2007 AS Senate funds


  • It’s confirmed. Switchfoot will be playing at Biola during the university’s birthday celebration in February. Tickets are tentatively priced at $15.
  • Octoberfest is postponed—it will now happen in November.
  • Freshman representatives now planning events for throughout the year.

Minutes from each week’s senate meeting can be found on BUBBS in Conferences/ Sub Plaza/ Associated Student Gov’t/ Senate Minutes.

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