Intramural football alive & well at Biola

In line with the National Football League, Biola’s Intramural football season has kicked off as well. Intramural football games take place on both Thursday and Friday nights on the turf and all day Saturday on both Al Barbour and McNally fields.

The game between Pigeon #2 vs. Alpha Chi was one of this week’s highlights. Alpha Chi was able to came out strong and strike blood first as Junior Garrett Wragg scrambled to his left and threw a pass to Junior Logan Payne for a touchdown.

Pigeon #2 struck back quickly with a possession to tie the game. They then went on a rampage, scoring in their next three possessions, two of which came from long passes by Senior Greg Henderson. Both teams were able to move the ball well, but Alpha Chi’s little mistakes and costly turnovers allowed Pigeon #2 to capitalize and take control of the game for the win.
Wragg was enthralled about the opportunity to play intramural football.

“Win or lose, it doesn’t really matter to me,” he said. “It’s all about this new experience and how great it is to compete with other Biola students.”

The next big game came from Mike Vick’s Center for Dogs Who Can’t Fight Good vs. The Potentials. Both teams’ defenses stepped up throughout the entire game. The Potentials’ defense decided to make the first impact as they intercepted a pass from the quarterback in their own end zone and ran it back for a touchdown.

With Mike Vick’s Dogs down at half, they came out fired up and were able to score two touchdowns thanks to great receiving hands by Senior Justin Helton and Tyson Bohlinger. Those would be the deciding points as “Mike Vick’s Dogs” won the game 14-6.

Kelly Ryan, a member of Mike Vick’s Dogs, explained the greatness of intramural football.

“It’s a lot of fun when you can go out there as a unit and show your dominance to the other teams,” Ryan said. “There [are] teams that have been around for a while, which creates great rivalries, so it gets interesting out there.”

Intramural football will be taking place until December.

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