The cardinal rules of dresses

A critical look at Biola's closets

The cutest dresses have been walking around campus this week in all shapes, designs, and colors. These dresses for fall are a definite must, and there is a perfect little dress for every girl out there. But let’s pause and state the ‘rules’ that apply to dresses.

Rule number 1: It is not cute to wear a purple long sleeve shirt and matching leggings with a paisley print dress. If you are going to wear a matching shirt, pair it with a pair of nylons — Girls, I thought we had this conversation already. Do not wear them with a dress that is a really busy print such as paisley.

Rule number 2: Make sure that your dress is not see-through before stepping out of the house. You do not want to be the number one conversation in the cafe.

Rule number 3: Consistency. If you are going to wear a short sleeve dress or tank top dress it is okay to wear with flip-flops, even some 3/4 sleeve dresses are cute with flip-flops. If you are going to wear a long sleeve dress or a dress with a long sleeve top underneath it, don’t wear flip-flops. If your dress looks like it belongs in a winter collection, take off the flip-flops and put on some flats or cute shoes of some kind.

While we’re on the topic of rules, girls let’s try to steer clear of doing the whole backpack and purse thing. I understand sometimes it’s inevitable when you have four classes in a row, but if you can prevent it then please do. You probably have enough time in between classes to run back to your dorm room or to your car to change books and binders. It’s funny to see all these girls toting around these brand new “designer” purses and a beat up JanSport backpack. Something about that seems a little off to me.

If you have enough money to spend a minimum of $1,395 at Nordstrom on the newest Marc Jacobs bag you probably wouldn’t be carrying a $25 backpack. Treatment of these pricey bags is also important. I was sitting in class the other day, and a girl came in, sat down in front of me and threw her new fall designer bag on the floor. If you spent that much on a bag, I don’t think you would put it on the floor. Come on girls!

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