Women’s tennis loses their first game in a month in a half

After their match against Azusa Pacific, the Eagles took home a loss.

Amanda Frese, Managing Editor

Women’s tennis faced off against the Azusa Pacific University Cougars on March 26 in Azusa, California. Though the Eagles fought hard to maintain their 14-match winning streak, the Eagles were unable to take the lead, resulting in a loss, 5-2. 


Though the Eagles failed to score any points, entering the final matches of the competition with a four-point trail, 4-0, women’s tennis stayed in the fight. In the No. 5 singles, redshirt sophomore Brooke Fager rallied in a drawn-out match against the Cougars. In the singles court, Fager tied up the first match at 5-5, then ultimately won the match by taking a two-point lead, winning 7-5. In the second match, Fager sealed the victory, taking a 6-2 win and earning Biola’s first point. 

Freshman Alexandria Mann scored the second point for the Eagles, finishing strong in the No. 3 singles court. Mann split the first two sets with the Cougars, resulting in a third-set tiebreaker to 10 points. Mann battled to take the two-point lead and ultimately won, 11-9. Despite Fager’s and Mann’s efforts, the Eagles were unable to take the victory. 

Women’s tennis (17-2) will return home on Wednesday at 12 p.m. in hopes of rekindling their winning streak against the Academy of Art. Live footage and stats from this event are located on the Biola Athletics website.

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