Talon closure explained

Students and faculty weigh in on the closure of the longtime campus eatery.

Kaitlyn Jones, Freelance Writer

The Talon, a cafe located in the lower level of the Crowell Business building, closed last semester due to lack of customers and plans to build a new cinema and media arts building, which was delayed due to COVID-19. Upon returning from the quarantine season, the number of customers dramatically changed. 

“Talon never really got the clientele of students,” Gary Lindblad, Dean of the Crowell school of business said.

Freshman pre-nursing major Yasmine Eneria reflected on her experience working in The Talon last semester before it closed. Eneria explained that the lack of customers led to a slow-paced work environment.

According to Lindblad, the construction of the new CMA building also contributed to The Talon’s closing. 

“The film school will have a wonderful cafe with indoor and outdoor seating,” Lindblad said. “The film school will be the main food area for that side of campus.” 

 Lindblad explained that there are no plans to replace The Talon with offices and classrooms. Rather, the space will be used for special events, meetings and clubs.


From a business standpoint, Lindblad said that closing The Talon made the most economic sense. While disappointed in its closing, graduate student Ellen Balzun said that The Talon and Heritage were equally accessible to students.


Freshman pre-nursing major Yasmine Eneria, a former Talon employee, explained how The Talon’s closure impacted their work locations and schedules. According to Eneria, the closure impacted her financial needs. Currently working at Common Grounds, she shared that she earns less due to shorter hours. 

According to Lindblad, plans to use The Talon are undetermined. He explained that the future of Talon depends on the construction of the new CMA building.


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