SGA Rundown: Open hours and well-being

Senators consider spring formal and discuss mental health tools.

Hannah Larson, News Editor

This week, the Student Government Association discussed extending open hours and considered events to engage students during the spring semester. 


Senators discussed a proposal to increase residence hall open hours on Thursday and Friday. Currently,  open hours run from 6 to 11 p.m. on Wednesday and Friday, but senators considered requesting a trial run to change open hours to 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Thursday and Friday. 

Senators explained that increased open hours may impact students’ academic performance. However, due to reduced hours at the library brought on by budget cuts, senators explained that extending open hours will allow students to work with classmates of the opposite gender on homework and group projects. 


Associate Dean of Spiritual Development Lisa Igram discussed the strain students may experience as the spring semester begins, including stress over virtual classes and the coronavirus. Senators shared that some students have experienced loneliness while awaiting campus to return to full capacity. Senators expressed concern that student engagement and academic integrity can falter over Zoom, which can take a toll on professors. 

Igram provided several strategies to help students as they navigate virtual classes. Igram encouraged Biolans to use this time to pause and take intentional time away from their screens, since too much time using technology contributes to heightened anxiety. She explained that well-being at Biola happens in community and suggested students look for God’s goodness in this season. Igram shared resources such as a mental health toolbox from the Biola Office of Student Wellness and a mental health awareness guide from the Biola Counseling Center.


Senators considered planning two events for the Biola community during the spring semester. First, they discussed the possibility of a spring formal at an off-campus venue in early April. Senators expressed their desire to encourage all Biolans to attend, whether they come as a couple, in a friend group or solo. They also considered a beach bash, where students could enjoy food and community in an off-campus setting.

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