SGA Rundown: Training and semester goals

Senators welcomed the spring semester by discussing values and future projects.

Maria Weyne, News Editor

On Thursday afternoon, the Student Government Association kicked off its first bi-weekly meeting of the Spring 2021 semester to discuss core values and overall goals for the semester. 


SGA is working toward being more transparent about its yearly budget and to communicate more clearly with students about any decisions made. These two goals were made possible by the release of a simplified budget and a weekly podcast

Vice president Gretchen Ferguson explained that both she and president Keren Godwin hope to create a better relationship between SGA and their constituents, especially now that only a select few are on campus. 


Another goal echoed by both Ferguson and Godwin was that of cultural humility. The pair has been pushing for more training regarding cultural diversity and inclusion. This movement is backed by vice president of diversity and inclusion Loraine Ho and diversity coordinator Debra Mlambo whose jobs are to train senators on cultural sensitivity and acceptance. 

In order to best achieve this goal, senators were asked to fill out a form regarding more personally specific goals regarding diversity and inclusion.

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