SGA Rundown: Senators vote against new proposal

Senators discussed updating Sandy Hough’s title as Dean of Community Life.

Jayne Bickford, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association met via Zoom Thursday afternoon to discuss updates from Dean of Community Life Sandy Hough, vote on a new constitution proposal and take part in a diversity training with Chief Diversity Office, Tamra Malone. 


Since the Title IX regulation changed this past August, all students and faculty members, including senators, are required to take part in a sexual harassment training. Information and details regarding the training will be sent out via email this week. 

As the November presidential election approaches, SGA will be initiating campaigns through social media that emphasize the importance of voting this year. Huddle leaders will be receiving a one-page curriculum guide for how to promote and encourage voting with their respective huddle groups. 

Senators raised questions regarding how the spring semester would look. As for now, President Barry Corey and the rest of Biola’s staff plan on returning to campus next semester, most likely with new regulations set in place. 

“My guess is that it would have to have some sort of hybrid format simply because physical distancing, mask-wearing and all of the things that are precautions right now are going to go away by January,” Hough said. 


Last week, SGA proposed that the Dean of Community Life’s title be changed in the constitution in order to reflect the recent change from Assistant Dean of Community Life Laura Igram to Hough. 

The proposal did not pass, with six senators choosing to deny it. The senators have decided to revise the proposal and return to it in a few weeks.


Malone shared her experience being an African American student at Biola and current faculty member, and she shared how Biola changed her perspective on culture and community.  

In addition, she gave students the opportunity to share their concerns and questions regarding conversations dealing with inclusion and diversity on campus. 

“That’s what we are afraid of, being divided, but we already are divided,” Malone said. “So, actually, if we are going to move toward unity, we actually have to be intentional in taking a step of risk or fear.”

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