SGA Rundown: Connecting with SMU

Senators will be initiating collaborative efforts with SMU in the future.

Jayne Bickford, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association connected Thursday afternoon via Zoom to discuss a new proposal, hear updates from the Student Missionary Union, and learn more about Biola’s global student population. 


SGA heard from their president, Keren Godwin, about an upcoming proposal involving the current SGA Advisor Sandy Hough. The new proposal seeks to eliminate the current title used to describe Hough’s position and change it to the dean of community life in the constitution.  

The position was held prior by the current assistant dean of community life, Laura Igram. Hough’s position still holds the same title that belonged to her predecessor. SGA seeks to reflect the change in positions by making a clear distinction between the two within the constitution. 

“With this change, we can ensure that Sandy Hough is provided with the proper authority she requires to function with full capability as SGA advisor,” Godwin said. 


SGA heard from the president of SMU, Bobbi Thompson, to get updated on new initiatives and plans for the union. 

SMU plans on holding multiple on-campus events once students return. In the meantime, they will be initiating interactive off-campus experiences and opportunities for students to get involved in. Already planned is an interactive book that reflects the Great Commission during the remote semester. 

“They’re working on a booklet that’s kind of like, this is us doing life at home and life remotely,” Thompson said. 

SMU and the local and global missions directors also plan on promoting the missions opportunities on campus through serve days and workshops. In prior years, these serve days have included volunteer days with Operation Christmas Child. These opportunities to serve do not require involvement with SMU and are accessible through sign-ups online. 


SGA diversity coordinator, Debra Mlambo, discussed the importance of the international students on campus. Biola’s global students are students that have spent a considerable amount of time outside of the United States and Global Student Programs and Development equips these students with the resources they need to be successful on campus.

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