SGA Rundown: Scholarship Proposal Passed

SGA will be handing out multiple need-based scholarships this year.

Jayne Bickford, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association met Thursday afternoon to discuss new initiatives with Students We Serve and vote on need-based scholarships proposed last week.


Next week, the SGA diversity team will begin meeting to start the Martin Luther King chapel task force and will be collaborating with the Division of Diversity and Inclusion.

Biola Shares held a drive-thru pop-up pantry to further help students in need, which was posted on its Instagram story Thursday afternoon. The pop-up pantry is a weekly event in which students can use their ID numbers to pick up as much food as they need.

Students Who Serve will also be partnering with the Biola Counseling Center to find ways to help students struggling with mental health. Lorraine Ho, the SGA diversity coordinator, will be working with their doctoral interns on new initiatives. 


Last week, vice president of finance, IT & HR Noa Wilding proposed five different need-based scholarships for $5,000 each that would go to undergraduate students. This week the senators voted to pass the new proposal in full. Wilding hoped to help students some way as much as possible even while senators are unable to serve their dorm communities.

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