SGA Rundown: Need-based scholarship proposal

SGA will be voting about whether or not to distribute scholarships during next week’s meeting.

Jayne Bickford

The Student Government Association gathered Thursday afternoon via Zoom to discuss a proposal regarding need-based scholarships, dorm profiles and ways to aid students that are struggling with food insecurity. 


With a higher enrollment than what was expected for this fall, more funding is available for this year’s contingency fund. Although the contingency budget has been decreasing yearly, remote learning and higher enrollment rates have helped bring it back up this semester. Wilding proposed using this money to fund five different need-based scholarships, each for $5,000. 

“Whether it’s tech issues, or it’s just paying for your actual tuition, a lot of students are really struggling with that right now,” Wilding said. 


This semester, SGA will be starting a new initiative in which senators will be providing dorm and apartment profiles to students. In these profiles, senators will be providing a perspective on what makes their residence hall or apartment unique. 

“It’s a great way for us to get to know our Biola community as a whole,” said SGA senior vice president Gretchen Ferguson. 


This week, SGA’s diversity coordinator Debra Mlambo shed light on food insecurity and how to aid students struggling with the lack of food intake. One way that students can help is through Biola Shares, which allows them to donate their food to students who might not have the privilege to eat on campus. While this topic isn’t as relevant during this period of remote learning, Mlambo hopes to spread some mindfulness on the issue before arriving back on campus.

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