Jeremy Zucker opens heart in ‘love is not dying’

The pop singer brings unique, catchy songs loaded with meaning in his latest album.

Lauren McBride, Staff Writer

Rising pop artist Jeremy Zucker brings some heart and soul back into pop music with his latest album “love is not dying.” This stirringly beautiful album is characterized by peaceful tunes, cool ambient sounds and even a few sudden transitions into hard rock. Beautifully diverse, “love is not dying” contains some of Zucker’s best work.


Before transitioning to a more serious note, Zucker opens his album with some positivity and uplifting tunes. A short beat with no lyricism included, “still” begins the journey. The ambient noises and voices are stunningly immersive, drawing the listener in and captivating their attention before launching them into the rest of the album. The unique sounds evoke an almost ethereal feeling.

Once he has the attention of his listeners, Zucker continues onto “somebody loves you,” one of the sweeter numbers on the album. Zucker reassures a possible ex-lover that although they are unable to be together, he still loves her. No matter what kinds of pain she is going through, there is somebody out there who loves her. The song begins slow but ramps up into an optimistic beat toward the end, making it the perfect song to dance to.

This fun number shifts temporarily onto a sadder note with “orchid.” Though the mood of the song is instantly clear from the soft piano instrumentals, the lyricism reflecting helplessness in a relationship digs deep into the heart. Zucker paints a perfect picture of what it feels like to have issues so deep in a relationship that he has no idea what to do except keep on loving. Even though he feels powerless, he continues to say, “You’re beautiful” in the chorus.

Zucker then transitions into “lakehouse,” another cheerful tune with an interesting story behind it, fit for a summer soundtrack. Toward the end of the song, Zucker launches into an epic rock sequence, adding an interesting flare to an otherwise basic-sounding track. According to Apple Music, the song was born from Zucker recording himself experimenting with a riff while his friend talked in the background, explaining the barely-noticeable voice behind the lyrics.

“Her voice in the background hit these weird notes that I couldn’t have placed myself, and I stacked mandolin on top of it and built the whole song around it,” Zucker said in the song’s Apple Music description.


Following the first few tracks, Zucker leans into softer, somber tones for the remainder of the album. He captures his loneliness with “full stop,” a beautiful lo-fi number with echoing instrumentals and background sound effects intimate enough to draw listeners into the story. Similar to “lakehouse,” this number transitions into a more passionate rock sequence toward the end, conveying the emotion behind the lyrics.

From there, “julia” carries the feeling of a song from a coming-of-age movie soundtrack. Though the song has a nostalgic feel, the solemn lyricism reflects the numbness that Zucker feels in life. And, of course, the unique beats and sound effects add a deeper layer to the message, asking listeners to pay attention to the emotions being expressed.

The pain and soul behind Zucker’s voice is heard so clearly in the remaining songs. The soft vocals combined with beautiful, long instrumental notes in “hell or flying” and “oh, mexico” make it clear that Zucker has a story to tell, and he wants people to listen. Though he speaks his lyrics in “brooks,” there is clear heart behind the belting of the last few notes.

Zucker is undoubtedly not just another pop artist. The heart, soul and plain vulnerability behind “love is not dying” make that clear. This album is the ideal choice for fans of fun, catchy music and meaningful, experimental music alike.

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