SGA Rundown: Senators vote on Spring Symposium, hear proposals for women’s discussion and scholarships

Senators voted to pass one proposal in part in light of coronavirus concerns.

Sophia Silvester, Staff Writer

Vice president Seth Gladysz opened Thursday’s Student Government Association meeting by reading from 1 John, addressing the fear caused by the novel coronavirus over the past couple days. Senators spent several minutes in prayer over the campus.


Off-Campus Commuter senator Toni Rosales introduced a proposal for Shed the Shame, an event on April 30 intended to give women a space to discuss hard faith topics. The event will include videos of different women’s testimonies, worship and response with the Biola Counseling Center and Spiritual Development. They are anticipating 200 attendees, but that number may drop to 150 with the new campuswide limit on event sizes. The total amount of money requested is $1,912.50 to fund T-shirts, posters, postcards and snacks. 


Vice president of marketing and communications Christina Lee proposed funding for two $2,000 scholarships for Fall 2020 for a total proposal of $4,000. She said it would help students pay for textbooks and tuition, and the scholarships have been a tradition since 2016. She also said she would make the application easier so it is accessible for more students. 


Vice president of diversity and inclusion Caleb Strauss proposed in the last meeting for Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development’s Spring Symposium series. Senators decided not to fund the April event yet, in light of the coronavirus affecting campus events. They instead focused on the $780 requested for Monday night’s discussion about politics over a meal. After the senate considered factors like low attendance due to coronavirus fears and high attendance due to the food provided, Hart Hall senator Jesse Creasman motioned to pass the proposal in partial, seconded by Sigma Hall senator Rawleigh Grove. All senators voted to pass the proposal in part for $780 of the $1,560.

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