Candace Cameron-Bure discusses faith and the entertainment industry

Full House star tells how she intersects Christianity and career at latest CMA “In Focus Forum.”

Marlena Lang, Visual Editor

The School of Cinema and Media Arts invited pastor, author and podcast host Lucas Miles and well-known actress and producer Candace Cameron-Bure to record a live studio podcast this past Thursday. 


The event also welcomed students and other community members to sit in as guests. Through a Q&A interview format, fans had the opportunity to dive deeper into Cameron-Bure’s life and see how faith comes into play throughout her career. The night was filled with applause from fans commending Cameron-Bure for her dedication to faith while working in Hollywood.

Cameron-Bure is known for the hit ‘90s sitcom “Full House,” the reboot “Fuller House” and her numerous cameos on the Hallmark channel. The night began with the often-asked question—how did Cameron-Bure get into acting? 

“I started acting at five years old, because I grew up here in Southern California,” Cameron-Bure said during the Q&A interview. “I just went on commercial auditions instead of playing soccer.”


Due to the accomplishments of her older brother, Kirk Cameron, on the television show “Growing Pains,” Cameron-Bure’s parents better understood how to navigate her childhood success once Full House became a national hit. 

“I knew by the third season of Full House that our show was a big hit with fans—not the critics, but fans,” Cameron-Bure said. 

Although Cameron-Bure’s family had two booming stars in Hollywood, her father made sure she did not let the superstar status get to her head. Cameron-Bure recalls her dad referring to the entertainment industry as a “fairy-tale.” Despite her success, Cameron-Bure’s parents always expected her to complete household chores and school-work after auditions, seeing acting as an “extracurricular activity.” 


Though Cameron-Bure is now a Christian, she was not raised in a Christian household, as many would think. Cameron-Bure said her household practiced biblical morals, but her family did not profess the faith until her junior high years when her parents started attending church.  

Cameron-Bure has not only expressed her faith in her personal life but in her career as well. Through her faith-based decor collection with DaySpring and consistency of staying within her personal boundaries of the brand, Cameron-Bure has become a pioneer for those looking to bring their faith into work.  

As a working professional who understands the power of saying no, Cameron-Bure advised the audience to ask themselves two questions when beginning a project—why do I want to do this and what is my purpose? 

“As a Christian, you should do your job with excellence,” Cameron-Bure said. “You should carry yourself with character always, you should honor whatever you’re doing with everyone you’re working with to be kind.” 


To conclude the event, Cameron-Bure answered questions from the audience about her relationship with her brother, how she met her husband and some of her favorite memories from being in the industry.

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