Career Expo expands student employment opportunities

The Career Center introduces a new pop-up style booth to encourage student participation ahead of the Expo.

Amelia Mowry, Freelance Writer

Over 50 employers participated in the Spring Career Expo on Wednesday, eager to engage with students about internship and career opportunities following the new pop-up fair that took place last week. 


Every semester, the Career Center hosts the Expo to encourage student success both during and after their time at Biola University, while also making the school a coveted recruiting destination for employers. 

Notable companies such as the Los Angeles Police Department, Make-A-Wish Foundation, World Vision and more shared flyers, business cards, applications and employee testimonials with interested students. The Expo welcomed a few new faces as well, such as the LA Dodgers. The Career Center estimated that about 500 students attended the event. 

“We want students to get work experience through jobs and internships,” shared Heather Martin, assistant director of career exploration and experience. “Research shows that students who participate in internships during their undergraduate years have more successful transitions to employment after graduation.” 

Freshman Diana Balcarcel, who hasn’t declared a major yet, understands how important fairs like this one are. 

“I don’t have a clear perspective about what to do in the long term,” she said. “It’s a good experience because you get to know how you can plan for your future.” 


The Career Center typically hosts an evening workshop prior to the event. Attendance for previous workshops was repeatedly low, with only about 20 students participating every semester according to Tiffany Lee, director of career development and success. 

To increase student participation this year, the Career Center decided to try something different. A pop-up style booth went up on Feb. 3 to initiate a more approachable and casual setting for students to prepare for the Expo. Career Center advisors hosted a “Dos and DONuts” pop-up under the bells the week before the Expo, offering starter kits, career guidance and of course, free donuts to students passing by. Martin estimated that over 300 students stopped by the booth throughout the day. 

“We definitely plan to do something like [Dos and DONuts] again in the future,” Lee said. “We’re still evaluating whether we’ll continue to do the workshop.”


Senior business marketing major Brixton Barron has been to five Career Expos during his time at Biola.

“It helps people grow in their communications skills and talk to people” he said. “It’s like interview preparation because you talk to actual recruiters like it’s an interview, and it might lead to new opportunities.”

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