SGA Rundown: Senate votes on election campaign violation case

The association discussed its media presence, affinity groups and open hours.

Ashley Grams, Deputy News Editor

Vice President Seth Gladyz opened the senate meeting to discuss the election process and campaigns taking place this week. 


It was brought to the attention of the Student Government Association’s election committee that a senate candidate, sophomore interdisciplinary studies major David Doll, infringed upon rules regarding pre-campaigning. Since concerns were raised during campaign week, the election committee acted to evaluate and establish consequences. Vice president of marketing and communications Christina Lee presented the penalties the election committee had determined to the senate during tonight’s meeting. Upon hearing the punishment, Doll chose to appeal.

After deliberation, the senate voted to deny the appeal and uphold the decision made by the election committee regarding the consequences, rejecting the Doll’s appeal. Eight senators voted to uphold the committee’s decision, one voted to overrule it and two senators abstained from voting. 

Doll has been asked to remove posters at posting sites on Friday at 4 p.m. His campaign-related social media will also be frozen for the remainder of election week. Doll will still be allowed to participate in elections if they abide by the consequences. 


SGA hired a videographer, Brixton Barron, last semester to help promote SGA and its brand. Barron presented during the meeting about brand strengthening and semester goals. The media team released several videos last semester and is planning to increase the number of videos posted to social media this semester. Barron’s most recent creation, a video of Chief of Campus Safety John Ojeisekhoba promoting election week, was shown to senators. Barron also explained new SGA media projects, including a video highlighting prominent figures around campus. 


Tongues of Fire, an asian affinity group, Iron Sharpens Iron, a black affinity group and Hermanos, a latino affinity group explained the way they connect with the Biola community. Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development director of affinity groups, Mickaela Ramos also spoke on behalf of minority communities and upcoming events. Each of the group leaders requested funding and promotional assistance from SGA. 


Gladyz held a discussion with the senators regarding constituents’ opinions on open hours. The Senate hopes to get a pulse on community feeling surrounding the current open hour schedule for individuals of the opposite gender on residence hall floors. The discussion centered around on-campus schedules because off-campus Biola housing units have a separate schedule for visiting hours.

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