Listen to Blossoms’ latest album for a little pick-me-up

The release presents nonstop hits.

Madasyn Korhonen, Freelance Writer

English indie band Blossoms provides a fun listening experience in latest album “Foolish Loving Spaces,” where they dive into deep topics including relationships, love and heartbreak, while keeping it lighthearted through upbeat instrumentals and positive lyrics. Frontman Tom Ogden impressively delivers relatable stories with songs like “Oh No (I Think I’m In Love)” and “Falling For Someone.” The album opens with energetic “If You Think This Is Real Life” and closes with soulful “Like Gravity”—songs bound to get stuck into listeners’ heads. 


Listeners do not remember songs without high quality beats and catchy lyrics—think The Beatles’ “Hey Jude” or Beyonce’s “Halo.” This album is no exception, as the band sticks to the unspoken rule of using a vast amount of repetition. Most songs end by the repetition of a common refrain or the song’s title. In “Oh No (I Think I’m in Love),” Ogden repeats the song’s title nine times at the very end alone.

Although the band includes songs about heartache, they relay their messages in a positive way—through their cheerful lyrics and the use of optimistic beats. Blossoms has incredible songwriting skills that make listeners fall in love with their lyrics, despite their tendency to repeat lines. 


The band excels in displaying a retro vibe, while still adding a modern twist. The tracks are reminiscent of ‘70s disco through clear piano usage and eccentric tempo, especially in “My Swimming Brain.” Each track exudes a unique melody, from the slowness of “My Vacant Days,” to the fast pace of  “The Keeper.” Even though they display variety in their sound, the band never strays away from their distinct style. They stick to what they know, but are not afraid to jazz it up. 

The band includes acoustic versions for all 10 songs in the album’s deluxe edition, but they’re not much different from the originals. At the heart of it all, the band still portrays the messages with the same significance. Although the songs are slower, they hold the same upbeat meanings—they’re the cherry on top of the original album. 

Overall, Blossoms gives listeners 10 songs that make them want to stop everything and dance. Although some lyrics are cheesy and lack depth, they supply a vast amount of joy to the listener, and who doesn’t need a little more joy in their life? The album shows that Blossoms knows how to hook their listeners and leave them satisfied.

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