SGA rundown: Senators brainstorm goals and hear two proposals.

Senators hear administration updates and discuss upcoming projects for the spring semester.
SGA rundown: Senators brainstorm goals and hear two proposals.

This week’s Student Government Association meeting started off with a visit from Dean of Community Life Sandy Hough. She updated the senate on the topics the Biola administration discussed last week. 

Hough said one of the issues Student Development voted on was community standards for post-traditional students. She mentioned the administration would be getting feedback from consulting firm McKinsey & Company on ways to improve Biola in the next 20 years at the end of the month. Student Development also wants to create resources to educate students on the election process to improve civic engagement. Finally, they are working to create friendlier policies for military-affiliated students, which includes those serving actively and those with loved ones in the military. 


President Renee Waller followed with the President’s Administration Council update. The committee voted that post-traditional students, who are students that earn their degree online, should have the same handbook as graduate students. The main differences between the two handbooks is that actions like drinking alcohol and smoking are prohibited on and off campus for undergraduates but are only prohibited on campus or at university-affiliated events for graduates. Hough explained that the reason for this switch is that post-traditional students tend to be older than traditional undergraduates and therefore should not be held to the same rules. 

Waller then encouraged the senate to come up with two headlines they would like to see about Biola in the next 20 years, an exercise she first observed in the PAC meeting. Senators said they would like to see headlines about Biola like winning important court cases and growing different programs. Waller had the senate observe data that compares Biola’s enrollment to that of other universities. The data helped identify factors that hinder Biola from reaching their previously discussed goals. 


Associate Vice President of Student Success and Academic Engagement Carrie Stockton and Program Coordinator for Faculty Advancement Karina Serrano proposed funding for the Celebration of Scholarship and Research on April 14. This event features research from both faculty and students with a faculty panel and presentations from a variety of programs. They asked for a total of $253.39 to fund five $50 scholarships for students that need help affording materials for assembling their presentations. The proposal will be voted on next week.


Student Enrichment and Intercultural Development community events coordinator Jane Juarez proposed funding for the upcoming Spring Symposium. This event features three panels on topics like interracial relationships, with three discussion-based events that allow students to explore the topic over a shared meal. Juarez asked for $1,000 to fund $8 meals from local restaurants for an estimated 125 people. The proposal will be voted on next week. 


Senate concluded with an executive update from Waller. She reported that she is currently working on projects like Biola Hub, which connects students and alumni, creating a physical event calendar for the Student Union Building, placing public prayer books in chapels, creating an “adulting” series for students and updating the SGA website. 

All senators will also give their constituents a survey during SGA hour on Sunday and whichever dorm receives the highest amount of responses proportional to dorm population will win a pizza party during next week’s SGA hour.

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SGA rundown: Senators brainstorm goals and hear two proposals.