SGA Rundown: honoring a promise

The senate votes on multiple proposals concerning the money being paid to GSPD and SEID.

Lacey Patrick, Staff Writer

Senators were bundled up in their pajamas and dined on Chick-fil-A during this week’s meeting to celebrate their last meeting of the semester. Thomas Burgess, vice president of finance, human resources and technology, shared last week that the Student Government Association had committed to pay $16,500 to Global Student Programs & Development and Student Enrichment and Intercultural Department before they underwent unexpected budget cuts. Tonight, senators voted on proposals concerning the $16,500 and also approved the Spring 2020 budget. 


Burgess proposed the senate move the $11,000 from dorm improvements to GSPD and SEID. $7,000 of this would be given to SEID, while the remaining $4,000 would be for GSPD. Blackstone Hall senator Blake Saathoff explained that passing this proposal in full is honorable, as it would be fulfilling a commitment. In the future, he argued, the departments’ system of budgeting two years in advance should change, especially because unexpected budget cuts arise.

Hart Hall senator Jesse Creasman argued that the $11,000 allotted to dorm improvements was not spent this semester, so it would be reasonable to give that money to GSPD and SEID. After much discussion, Bluff senator Hailee Howard motioned to pass the proposal in full, while Block senator Ryan St. Pierre seconded the motion. The proposal was passed in full without any opposition. 


Burgess also proposed they pull the remaining $5,500 owed out of the contingency fund. Desiring to maintain the integrity of the SGA, Pierre argued that passing this proposal in full would positively impact global students who are miles away from home and receive help from GSPD. 

Stewart Hall senator Nathan Jensen said that though the mistake was the fault of the prior administration, not the current one, it is still the current SGA team’s responsibility to follow through with this promise. The proposal was passed in full with all in agreement.


Burgess presented the Spring 2020 budget, containing multiple budget cuts. These budget cuts will allow SGA to have enough funds to pay GSPD and SEID for next semester. The general budget was cut from $7,850 down to $4,900. These cuts include the SGA retreat, which was cut by $1,500, the biannual party was trimmed $750, their office expenses were cut by $300 and they removed the staff picnic completely, which cost $400. 

SGA will be left with only $10,000 in its budget for the spring semester after paying GSPD and SEID.

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