“Knives Out” satisfies with a classic murder mystery tale

Ravishing production and cast chemistry intrigue audiences from start to finish.


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“Knives Out” stuns with classic murder mystery thriller.

Lauren McBride, Staff Writer

Rian Johnson’s follow-up to the fairly disappointing “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is anything but a disappointment. “Knives Out” is a classic whodunit mystery that boasts an incredible cast, stunning production design and a story that will have audiences thinking throughout the entire film.


The film tells the story of the Thrombey family as they face the consequences of the death of famed crime novelist Harlan Thombrey. Each member of this dysfunctional family has something to gain from Thrombey’s death, and Detective Benoit Blanc is determined to figure out what that is. The whole family finds themselves asking the question— was Harlan Thrombey’s death the result of foul play? 

“Knives Out” stands out through its cast’s remarkable chemistry and diversity of characters. Not only is the movie filled with big-name celebrities Chris Evans, Daniel Craig and Katherine Langford, but each character is extremely unique, adding something special to the story. With a section dedicated to showing each character’s side of the story, the audience has a chance to truly get a sense of who everyone is. Each member of the Thrombey family has something to hide.


The breathtaking production design of the film is deeply satisfying. The story is a twisted murder mystery about a rich family, and the setting perfectly reflects that, from the gigantic spooky mansion to tiny objects on a bookshelf. The methodical detail that went into creating the manifestation of Harlan Thrombey’s crime-writing mind is brilliant, and the chair of knives is the centerpiece of it all. The fan of knives surrounding the chair is breathtaking, intriguing and filled with depth. It is little details like these that lend toward the success of the film.


Overall, the film itself is quite an enjoyable watch. The characters are fun and engaging, the mystery is instantly engrossing and the level of humor added in. However, there are some scenes that seem to drag on, making the film feel longer than it needs to be.

Regardless, the unforeseen twist at the end makes up for the otherwise slow pacing of the story.  The film tricks the audience into thinking they know the full story from the beginning, even throwing in a surprise character along into the mix. The ending leaves viewers with the message that everything is not always as it seems and the importance of giving others the benefit of the doubt.

“Knives Out” is a satisfying addition to the murder mystery realm, gratifying audiences with entertaining characters, magnificent visuals and an iconic unanticipated ending.

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