SGA Rundown: Merry Merry GRITmas and farm animal petting zoo

Senators voted on GRITmas and heard an internal proposal.

Maria Weyne, Staff Writer

This week, senators received a visit from President Barry Corey before they dove into voting and proposals. Corey touched on the subject of having a direction as a leader, but not a sole focus, in hopes to encourage senators to keep pursuing a career in leadership. 


Following last week’s financial warning, senators dove into deliberation carefully. Stewart senator Nathan Jensen started the discussion by mentioning they should fundraise for GRITmas and help GRIT out as much as possible. The senate was very divided on the subject, but ultimately passed the proposal in partial for $1,600, $200 less than the original proposal asked for. Only six senators voted for the motion, three abstaining and two denying.


Off-campus commuter senator Toni Rosales and Jensen proposed a farm animal petting zoo to take place on Dec. 12 as part of study break, an opportunity to relax before finals put on by Student Government Association. The Biola Library is working in conjunction with the senators and will be paying for half of the cost, asking for $312.50 from SGA. The proposal was passed in full with all senators present voting for it. 

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