Coldplay albums ranked from worst to best

With seven albums under their belt, which one tops them all?


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Here are some of Coldplay essentials from their past seven albums before the release of “Everyday Life.”

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As one of the most well-known bands in the world, Coldplay blends grand rock music with pop sensibility that connects with many. Now they’re back with new music after four years. In anticipation for “Everyday Life,” check out this ranking of all seven albums.

7. “A Head Full of Dreams

The most recent album is most well-known for kicking off the third highest grossing concert tour of all time, selling out arenas like Allianz Parque and Rose Bowl. However, the album itself lacks cohesion throughout its spotty tracklist. Despite including fan favorites “Everglow” and “Up&Up,” most of the tracks are easily forgotten after first listen. While the overall sound is very consistent with the newer Coldplay albums, “A Head Full of Dreams” fails to provide anything special. 

6. “X&Y

After the gigantic success of their first two albums, the band played it safe with “X&Y.” In turn, the tracklist lacks sweeping choruses and memorable melodies, resulting in a tedious listen. Luckily, “Fix You” and “Talk” give the album an edge, standing as some of the band’s best.

5. “Mylo Xyloto

Similar to “A Head Full of Dreams,” “Mylo Xyloto” is well-known for the tour that followed the album’s release. One of the biggest staples of their concerts involves the laser and light effects that illuminate stadiums. Unlike “A Head Full of Dreams,” however, the album includes a substantial amount of memorable Coldplay tracks. From the fast-paced instrumentation of “Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” to the grandness of “Paradise,” the entire album feels like an epic story being told across a millennium. The only aspect holding this album back is the weak closer that pales in comparison to previous tracks.

4. “Ghost Stories

Although a controversial pick, “Ghost Stories” stays true to the dark blue-tinged look of the album cover, creating a tracklist saturated in melancholy. The band finds success through a quiet atmosphere, which is wholly unique for a band that focuses on playing loudly at arenas. “A Sky Full of Stars” stands out as a single, but “Ink” and “O” add to the beautiful, quiet atmosphere of the album. 

3. “Parachutes

Not many bands kickstart their career with an album as memorable as “Parachutes.” At the time, Coldplay was becoming a household name in the UK. With the release of their debut album, they quickly reached No. 1 on the charts and went Platinum eight times . It’s easy to see why it garnered so much attention, since most of the tracklist have become classic songs within the Coldplay discography, such as “Yellow,” “Shiver” and “Trouble.” Within a few tracks, Coldplay established their talent through their memorable instrumentation and catchy choruses.

2. “Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends

Aside from “Viva La Vida,” most Coldplay fans turn a blind eye to the album. However, it’s arguably the most unique album out of their discography. The entire tracklist fits within the French Revolution environment that the cover boasts, with bombastic instrumentation and orchestral production throughout. “Lost!” features a memorable drum beat that would accompany an army march, while “Viva La Vida” captivates with a sweeping chorus and beautiful violins to complement the emotional storytelling. It is essential that Coldplay fans, new and old, listen to the amazing record.

1. “A Rush of Blood to the Head

It might be cliche to say that this is their best album, but it’s easy to see why. After the success of “Parachutes,” the band perfected their sound by refining the best aspects of the sound they established on “Parachutes.” Their songwriting improved greatly, and their knack for creating unique, interesting songs shone in “Clocks,” “The Scientist” and “Warning Sign.” To this day, the album has defined Coldplay as one of the biggest rock bands of all time.

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