Women’s basketball crushes CSU San Bernardino, 65-29

Biola’s defense pushes the Coyotes to their limits, as the Eagles flew past CSUSB.

Gigi Fierro, Freelance Writer

The Eagles hosted the California State University, San Bernardino Coyotes on Nov. 16 at Chase Gymnasium. The afternoon had a rough start with the Eagles down two points, in a tug of war battle in the first quarter. However, Biola found their rhythm, becoming faster, stronger and more aggressive when asserting their defense later in the half. The Coyotes’ efforts to break the Eagles’ defense fell short, resulting in tonight’s victory, 65-29.

Junior forward Jazz Benn led the way with 21 points, three rebounds and three blocks. Benn’s contribution was contingent of 18 points in the paint, plus a three-pointer. Sophomore guard and forward Danita Estorga had 15 points, eight rebounds and four steals to keep her team moving aggressively to the basket, while senior guard Jelissa Puckett had eight assists, five steals and six points. 


In the first quarter, the Eagles started with a two-point deficit. Up until the six-minute and 40-second mark, the Eagles were tied 2-2. The Coyotes put up a scrappy, fast first battle, going basket for basket. However, the Eagles closed the quarter out 11-7. Biola wasn’t going to give up so early, coming into the second quarter with an intense, fast-paced, aggressive defense. The Eagles ran the shot clock and opened opportunities for players like Estorga and Benn to make those drives to the basket and get some points on the board. They ended the first half up 25-16. 

One thing we are really emphasizing is starting every quarter well and finishing every quarter well,” said head coach Alan Nakamura. “Everything starts with aggressive energetic team defense.”


Biola came into the second half twice as aggressive as the first. In the third quarter, Puckett alone made four points, two steals and two assists, aiding Estorga and senior guard Tatum Brimley to the basket. The Eagles put pressure on the Coyotes and made opportunities to make some major plays. That energy later carried into the fourth quarter as Biola put up 21 points, nine of which were threes from senior guard Kayla Macedo, freshman forward Madi Chang and freshman forward Jordan Rabe. They ended the evening with an explosive victory 65-29.

“Our team did really well. We tried to work on our second half offensively and defensively, because we have been struggling with that,” Benn said.  

 The Eagles (2-2) will travel to the University of San Diego on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 6 p.m.

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