SGA Rundown: GRITmas proposal, voting and financial caution

Senators were informed of more financial challenges as they heard and voted on proposals.

Maria Weyne, Staff Writer

Senators were cautioned by vice president of finance, human resources and technology Thomas Burgess to be wiser on how they are spending their personal dormitory budgets, as some cuts may be underway. Senators moved into voting and proposals and were informed their contingency will remain the same, currently sitting at $18,380.


Last week, Hart senator Jesse Creasman proposed the film “Caesura” again, asking for roughly half of the original amount of $3,000, coming to a total of $1583.50. Stewart senator Nathan Jensen started off the deliberation by saying that $1,000 would be enough for the premiere to happen without the food. Block senator Ryan St. Pierre also mentioned that out of the $1583.50, Creasman was asking for around $700 just for food. Ferguson motioned to pass the proposal in partial, for the amount of $840.30. The motion was passed by nine senators, with one abstinence and one vote against. 


Senior journalism major Jasmyne Bell proposed the funding of GRITmas, on December 13th. At GRITmas, students pack feminine care products for homeless women, which will be the third year in a row. Bell asked for a total of $1,832 to fund 400 bags including pads, tampons and treats, which will be delivered to the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles. The proposal will be voted on next week. 

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