“Doctor Sleep” does not fail to amaze

Horror-film director Mike Flanagan meets high expectations by keeping Kubrick’s classic style.


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Mike Flanagan replicates the iconic film “The Shining” with “Doctor Sleep.” 

Maria Weyne, Staff Writer

Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is one of the most well-known horror films in cinema history. The film sets itself apart because of the non-traditional scenes of gore and built-up suspense. Although “The Shining” was outstanding on its own, longtime Stephen King fan and horror film director Mike Flanagan decided to continue the iconic series with “Doctor Sleep.” 


“Doctor Sleep” manages to keep fans at the edge of their seats throughout the entire film with gripping scenes. Flanagan strived to keep the same style found in the prequel alive, and fans continue to agree that he has indeed. 

The movie begins where “The Shining” left off, with Wendy, portrayed by Alexandra Essoe, and a young Danny Torrence, portrayed by Roger Dale Floyd, after Jack and the Overlook Hotel had become their past. Danny, now portrayed by Ewan McGregor, grows up to face his own real battles with alcoholism, much like his father. Through this battle, Danny loses his shine and does not use it again until he meets Abra, portrayed by Kyliegh Curran.

The pair drive the film to an intense action-like side “The Shining” did not see. Danny and Abra are faced with something much worse than the Overlook, as they battle a group of shine-hunters that want to, in simple terms, eat their shine. The group is led by Rosie the Hat, portrayed by Rebecca Ferguson, whose main motive is living a long life through consuming other people’s shine. 

This action-packed sequence leads the trio back into the Overlook, creating a sense of nostalgia as many of the same scenes from the prequel return. Flanagan managed to keep the film new and fresh, while also relating it perfectly to Kubrick’s masterpiece known as “The Shining.” 

The film has been very well received by fans, including Stephen King himself who is in full support of the on-screen adaptation. 

“The first reactions to Doctor Sleep are nothing short of ecstatic,” King tweeted. “Delighted for Mike Flanagan and company.”

Overall, Flanagan’s sequel and adaptation “Doctor Sleep” seamlessly blends into “The Shining” and continues to tell the fascinating story of Danny Torrence. The film is horrifying in the best sense and does not fail to surprise the audience throughout, creating a chilling yet fascinating experience.

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