SGA Rundown: dress codes and churches

Proposal for a stricter dress code was brought to the table.

Lacey Patrick, Staff Writer

The spirit of Halloween overtook the Student Government Association office in this week’s meeting. Mike Wazowzki, Flynn Rider and Nick Jonas sat alongside their fellow senators to discuss updates and proposals. Vice president of finance, human resources and technology Thomas Burgess announced that Financial Aid is covering the $10,000 that was originally lost through miscommunication, allowing senators to work with full contingency. 


Vice president of diversity and inclusion Caleb Strauss discussed the reproposal of the Student Congress On Racial Reconciliation Conference. The plan is for SGA to provide $4,865, then fundraise the remaining $1,600 of the cost alongside SCORR Conference coordinators. Fundraisers that are currently under discussion are: collecting art from the student body and selling it, partnering with the music department to host a concert and possibly partnering with Chick-fil-A


Senior journalism major Molly Bolthouse proposed that Biola rewrite its dress standard, as she believes many are not following it. She proposed adding a professional clause in the code of conduct, promoting a more modest atmosphere out of love and respect for those at the university. Burgess was the first to object to the proposal, saying that students are not employees at a business, but rather Biola is home to many. Hart senator Jesse Creasman followed directly after Burgess, saying that a strict dress code would create a “safe and sanitized culture,” stripping the school of its personality. 


Junior interdisciplinary major Anneka Vander Wel expressed the struggle of finding a home church while at Biola. She proposed that a church fair be hosted in order to help students find a local church. Off-Campus Community senator Jonan Rohi-Plueger was excited to announce that this need was already being solved by Spiritual Development, which is currently creating the program Biola Church Connect to aid students in this process. 

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