Women’s soccer brings win streak to nine against Chaminade

Eagles won their seventh straight PacWest conference game, 2-0.


Marlena Lang // THE CHIMES

Freshman Christine Goodman, Forward, dribbles the ball away from her opponent during their game against Chaminade Hawaii University on October 31, 2019.

Vanessa Morales, Freelance Writer

Women’s soccer team put up a challenging game as they took on Chaminade University of Honolulu at home on Thursday night. Biola impressed, winning 2-0. They extended their overall win streak to 9-0, their PacWest win streak to 7-0 and their win streak over the Silverswords to 3-0.


Women’s soccer went set personal goals to add to winning streak. Shot after shot, minute after minute, Biola attempted to score their first goal within the first few minutes of the game. The ball bounced around Chaminade’s side of the field as pressure was on to get the ball in the net. Their efforts to put pressure on the team had made up for a few undesirable plays.

 “They had the desire to work for each other and cover each other’s mistakes,” said head coach Erin Brunelle. 

Freshman midfielder Halie Jamir scored the first goal with only eight minutes remaining in the first half. With a competitive team in the Silverswords, Biola seemed to have possession of the ball the majority of the game. Blocks came in abundance as the Eagles pressured the opposing team, but was no match. 

‘We were able to work well together, 100% as usual,” said junior goalkeeper Briana Ruelas.

The attempts to get the ball in the net had pressured the Eagles to be heavy on their defense, but Ruelas’ blocks were victorious. 

Their intensity rallied through into the second half as freshman forward Mason Stansberry scored their second goal within the first five minutes. Their defense had the upper hand as no goals were challenged against the opposing team. 


With this win adding to their nine-game streak, Biola had just enough fuel left to keep the streak alive. Consistency was key to this game as they kept putting up record numbers to personal achievements. 

“They need to stay sharp, be hungry to win and defend as a unit,” Brunelle said.

Resilience and stamina are the goals going into Tuesday’s rivalry match against Azusa Pacific University on Nov. 5 at 5 pm. 

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