The Christian Kurds have been condemned to death

In pulling out of the region, America has placed in mortal danger not just the Kurdish people, but especially the Kurdish Christians.


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President Donal Trump commands some United States troops to remain In Northeast Syria To Protect Oil Fields.

Marc DeJager, Staff Writer

Acts 7:54-60 is one of the most powerful and chilling passages in the book of Acts. It describes the stoning of Stephen, and is the story of one of the first Christians to be martyred. Throughout history, the church has undergone countless instances of violence and persecution. This should not come as a surprise. Christ himself said in Mark 13:13, “and you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.” Part of the job description of being a Christian includes enduring fierce persecution. All of this does not mean that we should simply lay down and let it happen. There are certainly times when we are called to be martyrs for Christ, but let us accept that end only when we have another choice beyond renouncing our faith. The church cannot be the church if its members have all fallen asleep.  

Moreover, if we are going to claim that modern civilization is better or more civilized than those who came before us, than we had better live up to our own standards and do all we can to protect life and liberty around the globe. All of this is to say that the ongoing U.S. extraction of forces from Kurdish occupied territory is not just a threat to the estimated 25 to 35 million Kurds in the region, but especially to the 320,000 Christians living amongst them. In abandoning our Kurdish allies to Turkish persecution, the United States is condemning innocents to death.  


The Turkish military has been abundantly clear with their intentions for the region. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that Turkish forces will “crush the heads” of Kurds who remain in the agreed-upon “safe zone” after the five-day waiting period has passed. However, Turkish forces immediately broke the agreement, launching multiple small-scale strikes on nearby towns. It is clear that the Turkish government is determined to exterminate the Kurdish minority, and the U.S. must stop pretending that their intentions amount to anything other than genocide.  

Christians across the Middle East face intense persecution from Muslim governments, but Turkey has an especially horrific track record. Between 1915 and 1920, up to 1.5 million Armenians, many Christians, were slaughtered by the Turkish government. This event, now known as the Armenian Holocaust or the Armenian Genocide, is one of the darkest chapters in Turkish history. It should serve as a warning to modern times, especially with how openly the Turkish government has made its intentions.


It is clear that the Kurdish people, especially those who are believers, are in mortal danger. As American forces move through Kurdish-occupied towns, they were berated and yelled at by locals, who accused them of running away. The people who are on the ground in the region know the situation better than any bureaucrat in Washington can, and they are desperately pleading for the troops to remain. If President Trump follows through with his rash, arrogant, isolationist move in abandoning our allies, it will be a death sentence not just for valuable American allies, but for over a quarter million Christians. Now, Trump has orchestrated a ceasefire with Turkey and will keep some troops to protect oil fields in Syria. But still, our allies, the Kurds, have faced tremendous loss already.  

Stephen will forever be remembered as a martyr for Christ. He gave up his life for the church, in defiance of fierce persecution. It is inevitable that some of us will face the same fate and be killed for our faith. However, we must not look for that fate, especially on others’ behalf. Make no mistake about it, if we fully abandon our Kurdish allies, many will die for Christ. Maybe that is God’s will, but I for one, will not accept that quietly. 

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