Simple steps to live more sustainably

Here are a few tips to live as a more sustainable college student.


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Thinking green and reducing waste, helps with having a more sustainable life.

Maria Weyne, Staff Writer

As sustainable living becomes more important, it is crucial for students to be equally involved. Although the initial price for greener products may be higher than the plastic version, they are reusable, which means they will be cheaper in the long run. 

Although it may be tiring to always be on the lookout for new ways to be eco-friendly, it is good to always be informed on how you can help and inform others of what to do. 


One of the main things that college students have a hard time avoiding is waste—whether they use single-use plastics or simply do not have the time to carry every single reusable cup in the world. Here are a few tips:

1. Use your own glass containers for to-go meals. These containers come in different shapes and sizes but are mostly very convenient for carrying around in your bag. The containers are glass, reusable and easily washable. They also help the food last longer too since your container is better sealed and insulated than a plastic or cardboard box. 

2. Having your own straw. Carrying a reusable straw can be tiring, as you have to remember to bring it everywhere you go. However, there is an easy solution because collapsible straws are cheap, eco-friendly and easily washable. These straws come in a small package that can be hung on your water bottle, backpack or even your lanyard. 

3. Get a water flask and water filter. Having your own water bottle is important to prevent the continued use of single-use plastic bottles and cups. Water filters are cheap and can filter enough water to continue pouring into your personal water bottle. Additionally, for those who are always on the go, Brita has released its own water filtering bottle

4. Use reusable K-cups. Keurig offers a very convenient way of making coffee. You simply put a K-cup into a coffee maker and magic happens. However, it’s wasteful. If someone drinks coffee twice a day every day, they will use 60 K-cups a month, generating a lot of plastic waste. With the reusable cups, you can further control how much coffee you want, and how much waste you generate. They are very easy to use and makes the Keurig much more affordable. 

These are some tips to reduce waste in the daily life of a student. Not only are they great for the environment, but they are also great for your pocket. Saving money is a beneficial impact of sustainable products that can be an incentive to live a greener life. 


In addition to straws and avoiding plastic, companies have started making eco-friendly laundry products that are cheaper than your usual detergent and dryer sheets. The little pods of detergent for your clothes cost $0.19 each, and the reusable dryer sheets just need essential oils added to them. 

Furthermore, being green can also mean avoiding car usage by walking. Walking with friends is always a great option, although biking, ridesharing or public transportation may be more convenient. If using a car is a necessary part of your commute, you can always purchase carbon offsets, which allow you to help the planet even with using your car. 

Being green can be simpler than it looks, it just takes more intentional thinking on everyone’s part. All these suggestions are a great place to start your journey into a more sustainable life.

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