Five Spider-Man stories to adapt to the big screen

With Spidey’s return to MCU, Disney and Sony should consider these unique twists for upcoming films.


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As one of the most iconic characters ever, Spider-Man’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues the essential storyline they laid out in “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

Chris Charpentier, Freelance Writer

(This story was originally published in print on Oct. 3, 2019).

After the tumultuous series of events regarding Spider-Man’s removal from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony and Disney have struck up a new deal, which allows Spider-Man to have one more solo film and an appearance in another Avengers film. Fans are ecstatic about the many possibilities of Spider-Man’s future. With these solidified plans for Spider-Man, fans could only hope for the most exciting content possible. Sony and Disney should consider these five storylines for upcoming films.

Spoilers ahead for “Spider-Man: Far From Home”

The Sinister Six

Now that Spider-Man has been framed for murder with his true identity revealed to the world, what would be a better way to follow up than to have a group of villains hunt him down? Since the Sinister Six has always been a threatening group in the comics, their presence could provide an intense story where Peter needs to save his family and friends. Additionally, the storyline would finally unite fan-favorite villains together for the first time on the big screen.

“Identity Crisis” 

In this comic book storyline, Spider-Man is framed for murder and must hide from the public because the police and supervillains are out to capture him. In order to counterattack, Peter creates four new costumes, so he could pose as two heroes and two villains. If the film centered around this story, iconic costumes from the comics would jump to life on screen, each one used to clear his name.

Venom Crossover

Through the deal between Sony and Disney, Spider-Man will be the only MCU superhero that can cross over into both established Marvel universes. Why stop there? Bring Tom Hardy’s Venom into the MCU also. In the comics, Spider-Man and Venom don’t exist without each other, so let’s see them together, but done well this time. In particular, they should follow the “Back in Black” storyline, where an unknown shooter injures Aunt May. In order to enact his revenge, Peter wears the black suit, modeled after the Venom symbiote. 

Miles Morales in the MCU

With the immense popularity of “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” and its protagonist Miles Morales, bringing this character into the MCU would help continue Peter’s story of growing up, which was essential to “Far From Home.” Creating a film about Peter training Miles to become the next Spider-Man would be a memorable buddy cop-style movie that audiences could fall in love with. 

Spider-Man’s Final Appearance

Although it is likely that Tom Holland’s portrayal of Spider-Man will continue in Sony’s Marvel universe, some fans speculate his Spidey career will end with a final Avengers appearance. Surprisingly, no Spider-Man film series has ever had a proper conclusion, since both “Spider-Man 3” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” never had follow-ups. With Spider-Man’s prolonged presence in the MCU, longtime fans could see an important and heartfelt send-off for the character. The death of Spider-Man could be just as devastating as Tony Stark’s in “Avengers: Endgame,” while Peter leaving the superhero life behind could have lasting effects on how audiences view superheroes.

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