SGA Rundown: Extra funds and new proposals

The senate votes on new proposals such as Candyland.

Lacey Patrick, Staff Writer

Last week, the Student Government Association tabled multiple proposals. Many of those proposals were voted on in this week’s SGA meeting. The senate also voted on two new proposals that were made. 


Alpha senator Betselot Amanuel proposed that SGA fund one of Biola’s largest outreach events: Candyland. This event takes place in Alpha Hall on Halloween and is open to the community of La Mirada. They estimate that 1,500 children will attend this event to trick-or-treat and play festive games in Alpha. The proposed budget for this event was $2,990. Many senators were concerned about the significant increase in budget from last year. The senate chose to pass the proposal in partial for $2,000. 


Last week, the senate decided to postpone the decision of the Dillon Chase concert, which is to take place in Sutherland Auditorium. Stewart senator Nathan Jensen reproposed the event, and said it would cost roughly $500. The senate was concerned about the turnout of the event, however, they felt that the concert would be beneficial to students who attended. Reluctantly, the senate chose to pass the event.


Since the full-time enrollment was higher than expected, the SGA received more funds from student fees than they budgeted for. Vice President of Finance, IT and HR Thomas Burgess proposed to distribute $11,000 of the extra funds equally between each senator for hall improvements or events. The senate debated whether or not it would be wise to distribute the wealth, or rather allow the extra funds to roll over into contingency. With much deliberation, the senate decided to pass the proposal in full, giving each senator $1,000 extra in funds. 


Peer internship ambassador Austin Green and bluff senator Hailee Howard proposed to fund a photo booth at the Career Expo to provide students with free headshots for their portfolios. $400 was the proposed amount to hire professional photographers. After much discussion, the senate chose to table the event until the next meeting. 

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