“Rambo: Last Blood” finishes the iconic action series.

Gory action, thrilling sequences and a peaceful introduction properly conclude the action-packed series.

Adam Pigott, Freelance Writer

Combining excessive gore with over-the-top action, “Rambo: Last Blood” earns its place among its predecessors. However, Adrian Grunberg’s recent adaptation of super-soldier Rambo is far from a masterpiece. The slow start is boring, but the fifth Rambo film has many exciting moments that make it worthwhile and keeps the audience engaged. Furthermore, Sylvester Stallone’s portrayal of the character also never ceases to amaze viewers.


If the previous installments were not enough of a giveaway that “Rambo” is a hardcore action series, “Last Blood” hits the nail on the head, with excessive gun and knife play throughout the film. Watching the strategic, tactical and dangerous mind of a military genius work is also very intriguing. With non-stop action and bloodshed, the audience can expect to see disembowelment, decapitation and more disturbing graphic imagery throughout the film.


Despite the action, “Last Blood” stuffs itself with emotional and relatable moments. As someone who has seen death, destruction and evil, Rambo is not what the audience would call sheltered or naive. He sees the world as an unforgiving, violent and cruel place. Gabriela, portrayed by Yvette Monreal, holds the complete opposite view of Rambo, representing the two opposite sides of the spectrum of human experience. Gabriela represents the young, naive individual, while Rambo is filled with both literal and figurative battle scars, fueling his worldview as well as his desire for blood.

The film gives the audience an example of what it looks like to be filled with uncontrollable rage and hatred while detailing the unspeakable things that vengeance drives mankind to do, observing the dark sides of humanity.

Drawing familiar aspects from the series while shedding light on the complexities of humanity, “Rambo: Last Blood” closes the long-time action series with a strong finish. Longtime Stallone fans and action movie fanatics will not be disappointed with this tribute.

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