SGA Rundown: Biola ShakeOut and voting on proposals

Senators voted on open proposals and were updated on the ShakeOut event.

Lacey Patrick, Staff Writer

Chief of Campus Safety John Ojeisekhoba kicked off this week’s Student Government Association meeting by presenting the ShakeOut event. The senate also voted on multiple proposals that were presented during last week’s meeting. 


The Woven Conference would require 20% of SGA’s yearly budget. Since the majority of last year’s attendees were Biola alumni and not current students, Block senator Ryan St. Pierre raised concern that it may not be worth the money. Off-Campus Community senator Jonan-Rohi Plueger suggested that the money might end up being used toward less meaningful things like decor and welcome packets, rather than the actual conference. The senate voted to wait on a decision until the next SGA meeting. 


Renewing the New York Times subscriptions for students would cost 15% of SGA’s budget. St. Pierre received feedback from Block residents in a survey. The majority of students felt that the subscription renewal would not be worth the money. Sigma senator Rawleigh Grove said his constituents relayed the message that they most likely would not read the New York Times, even if they did have a free subscription. Senate decided not to pass the New York Times subscription proposal. 


Cinema and media arts majors Andy Brewster and Ellie LaFrombois proposed to show their film “Caesura,” which tells the story of a child prodigy who has to give up his dreams due to predatory behavior from his instructor. The premiere would cost 10% of the budget, approximately $3000, and be shown on Metzger Lawn. Blackstone senator Blake Saathoff discussed how the film’s sensitive subjects should not be displayed at such a public place. Sigma senator Rawleigh Grove argued that although people have an interest in seeing the film, it is not worth the risk of triggering memories of abuse. Senate chose to hold off on making a decision for now. 


President Renee Waller explained that complications with the date for Dillon Chase’s concert are still being resolved. However, the senate seems very optimistic about the feedback received from students about the event and expect high attendance. Pleuger motioned to table the concert, and Saathoff followed. The senate voted to postpone the event until the complications have been resolved. 


Student Development dean Lisa Igram and Bluff senator Hailee Howard proposed providing sleep kits to students to aid their sleep habits. These kits would be distributed during Mental Health Awareness week, in conjunction with Torrey Conference. Saathoff felt that educating people on mental health would be more beneficial than providing students with non-essential items, such as the kits. OCC senator Toni Rosales disagreed and said that the items in the kits are actual tools students can use to better their sleep habits. St. Pierre argued that 500 kits are not necessary, but instead having half the number of kits would still show students that SGA cares. St. Pierre motioned to pass 250 sleep kits, costing $818.75, which is 2.5% of SGA’s total budget. The proposal passed in partial for 250 sleep kits.


Ojeisekhoba shared that the Biola ShakeOut, an earthquake simulation, will be returning to campus on Oct. 17, and invited SGA to get involved. There will be resource booths where students can learn more information on how to protect themselves against earthquakes, as well as snag free items. Students can also sign up to be role players in the ShakeOut event and will be paid $65 for their participation. For those interested in getting involved as a role player, contact Campus Safety.

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