Crime Log ― Sept. 17 – Sept. 24

This week’s Crime Log features one threatening phone call, one report of marijuana possession, one case of disturbing the peace and an active case of a stolen bicycle.

Micah Kim, News Editor

Obscene or Threatening Telephone Calls — Alpha Hall

Reported Sept. 17, 11:29 a.m. 

An individual outside of Biola made a threatening call to a Biola student. Campus Safety worked with the student and banned the individual from campus. 

Possession of Marijuana — Sigma Hall 

Reported Sept. 18, 1:30 a.m. 

An individual was found with marijuana near the Sigma area. Officers handled the situation and the case was referred to Student Development.

Disturbing the Peace — Lot K

Reported Sept. 19, 12:15 a.m.

A student reported loud party noises including horns at parking Lot K. Officers were able to handle the situation and keep the peace.

Petty Theft — Horton Hall

Reported Sept. 23, occurred between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

A student reported a locked bicycle stolen from Horton Hall. The case is still active.

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