SGA Rundown: open proposals and Student Care

Senators listened to their first open proposals from students and discussed the importance of mental health.

Maria Weyne, Staff Writer

In their third meeting of the semester, the Student Government Association held its first open proposals for the year, which allowed constituents to request funding for events on campus. Also, dean of Student Wellness and Student Development Lisa Igram spoke about mental health and pitched the idea of sleep kits for mental health awareness week. All proposals will be voted on next week. 


Community coordinator Jen Aspland and cinema and media arts major Grace Lindblad proposed SGA renew funding for the sixth annual Woven Conference. Woven is a one-day conference that seeks to empower women that are preparing to enter the workforce. The proposal asked for $6,048.10 in funding for hosting speakers, meals and decorations for the event. 


Vice President of Finances Thomas Burgess proposed bringing back the New York Times campus subscription for students. Originally, the print subscription got cut because students felt it was a waste of money and resources. The new subscription would be online-only, granting access to the website, app and podcasts, which would cut the cost of the subscription in half, compared to the print subscription.


Cinema and media arts major Perry Bigelow proposed a free concert put on by Dillon Chase. Chase is a Christian freestyle rapper who is known for working with three-time Grammy award winner Lecrae. Chase would bring his own sound and lighting equipment, meaning SGA will only be paying for posters. The concert would take place on Oct. 23. 


Cinema and media arts majors Andy Brewster and Ellie LaFrombois proposed for SGA to fund the premiere of “Caesura,” their student-produced film about a prodigy piano student who has to choose between his passions or saving himself from his abusive instructor. The premiere would be at Metzger lawn and snacks would be provided through Bon Appetit Catering. Brewster also proposed to bring the Biola Counseling Center to the event so that students can talk about the issue brought in the film directly afterward. Their proposal costs would be $3,000. 


Bluff senator Hailee Howard and Student Development Dean Lisa Igram proposed making and distributing sleep kits for the mental health awareness week, which will take place during Torrey conference week. The kits would contain sleep masks, a door hanger, sleep tea, lavender oil and earplugs. The kits would cost $1,637.50, but would be free for students. 

Igram explained that Biola’s students have been increasingly struggling with their mental health, and because of that Student Care has focused on giving students more resources. The kits would serve as a way of connecting with students about the importance of mental health and sleep while in college.

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