The Brad Pitt essential watchlist

Before the release of “Ad Astra,” be sure to check out these necessities from Pitt’s legendary career.


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Brad Pitt continues his legacy of impressive performances with his upcoming film, “Ad Astra.”

Lauren McBride, Staff Writer

Renowned actor Brad Pitt has been building his film legacy since the early 1990s and has no intention of slowing down. According to critics, viewers can expect an impressive performance in upcoming film, “Ad Astra.” But before you see it, take time to catch up on these films with the Hollywood star’s most iconic roles.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

With Pitt’s exceptional chemistry with co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” remains one of the year’s best films. In this commentary on 1960s Hollywood, Pitt leaves the audience speculating about his mysterious yet charming character, Cliff Booth.

Fight Club

Consistently rated as one of the top 10 films of all time, according to IMDb, this Pitt movie is a must-see classic. From the moment he enters the film, Pitt dominates the screen as Tyler Durden, the polar opposite character to the washed-out, insomniac narrator. Pitt’s spectacular performance in “Fight Club” helped catapult him into his journey of success in Hollywood.


Viewers who claimed to not be baseball fans might have reconsidered how they feel about the sport after watching Oscar-nominated “Moneyball.”  Pitt’s character, Billy Beane, keeps the audience emotionally engaged, eventually leading the underdog to victory in a unique twist on this classic sports flick.

The Tree of Life

This bold, beautiful and mesmerizing film encapsulates the journey many people find themselves on while discovering the meaning of life. In this biopic of director Terrence Malick, Pitt steps into his role as Mr. O’Brien, while the film connects all that exists to a normal, seemingly insignificant family in a small Texas town.


Dark and moody, this Pitt thriller follows a pair of detectives who determine to solve a case of murders based of the seven deadly sins. Pitt and co-star Morgan Freeman find themselves overwhelmed by the distressing murders. For those who can sit through gruesome scenes, this film is worth watching, portraying one of Pitt’s most exhilarating performances yet.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

This unique commentary on life follows the story of a man who is born in his 80s but ages in reverse. An adaption of the well-known F. Scott Fitzgerald story, this film received mixed reviews and is considered either compelling and meaningful or slow and pointless. Regardless, Pitt transcends in this soulful performance of the fascinating Benjamin Button.

Thelma & Louise

In this classic film, Pitt portrays a rugged criminal who gets wrapped up in the adventures of Thelma, portrayed by Geena Davis, and Louise, portrayed by Susan Sarandon. The pair of women plot a spontaneous getaway after an unexpected incident puts them at risk, while Pitt’s character transforms Thelma into a free-spirited, confident woman.

Ocean’s Eleven

This exemplary film launched a chain of archetypal movies with names based on the iconic title “Ocean’s Eleven.” If you have an affinity for heist films and con artists, this is the perfect film for you. Pitt, along with 10 other con artists, rob $150 million out of an underground vault in Las Vegas in this thrilling film.


In this action-drama, Pitt portrayed a courageous World War II hero. While the film itself is often criticized for being stereotypical and formulaic, Pitt’s performance brings a sense of authenticity and emotion. Without Pitt’s shining talent and charisma through his sergeant character, “Wardaddy,” the film would not have been the same.

12 Monkeys

Through his role in “12 Monkeys,” Pitt was forced to jump out of his comfort zone and into unfamiliarity. While the majority of Pitt’s characters prior to “12 Monkeys” were confident, tough and rugged, Pitt was forced to call upon more nervous, frantic energy in this film. This intense sci-fi thriller proved to audiences that Pitt was more than just another pretty face, remaining a must-see for anyone questioning Pitt’s versatility.

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