SGA Rundown: Senators welcome next year’s SGA team

Senators gather in Metzger Hall for a mock senate meeting to welcome new members.

Isabelle Thompson, News Editor

With only three weeks left of school, senators are in the midst of training next year’s elected representatives. Senators gathered in Metzger Hall for this week’s meeting, where they were later joined by next year’s team for a mock senate.

Before the new senators arrived, this year’s team discussed the intended purpose of a mock senate meeting. At mock senate meetings, senators are able to show those incoming what it looks like to hear and vote on a proposal. This provides a model for what a senate meeting should look like for those next year. Student Government Association president Sierra McCoy and vice president Katherine Davis emphasized the importance of inclusivity in this exercise so it could be a positive learning experience.  


Senators then discussed McCoy’s proposal to change the hiring process for vice president of diversity. Changes would require additional training to cultivate better connections with campus partners in order to create a better transition for the incoming position holder. The final hiring will still be determined by the president-elect. Off-Campus Community senator Naomi Hidalgo moved to pass the motion and Hope Hall senator Gabby Morris seconded. The motion passed 8-1-2.

Vice president of finance, technology and human resources Nathan Carmack then gave a quick presentation on the year-end budget. Aside from some minor reductions in certain areas due to a rise in payroll, there were no major changes.


During a break, the 2018-19 senators were joined by the newly elected senators. After a period of introductions, all present listened as OCC senator Jordan Wright gave an internal proposal regarding the Puppy Patch. Wright brought up the positive reception of the Puppy Patch in years past. The proposal total is $995, $450.52 of which could potentially come from the library, based on their willingness to partner with SGA. No action was taken on the proposal due to time constraints.

Davis then prompted a discussion reflecting on the impact guest speakers had on this year’s staff and the importance of reaching out to the community. Senators also talked about partnership with the Biola community through Administrative Partnership. This allows senators to partner with various committees on campus including athletics, the caf and academia, so that they can be constantly exchanging ideas with those able to impact change.

For the final portion of senate, vice president-elect Seth Gladysz alongside president-elect Renee Waller took over the meeting in the ceremonial passing of the torch to next year’s senators.

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