Kings Kaleidoscope shows more than just “zeal” in latest album

Powerful lyrics, unique instrumentation and Jesus are all rolled into the new release.

Adam Pigott, Staff Writer

With their ability to change the pace and display diversity, Kings Kaleidoscope remains no stranger to versatility, as showcased in their new album “Zeal.Slow and soothing, the band eases listeners into their experimental album with opener “The Coma.”


“Zeal’s” change of pace is both quick and elegant. As soon as the first track ends, Kings Kaleidoscope heightens the tone and the pace with the track “Hero Over My Head,” which continues through the following track “Naked Feet & Holy Fire.” With its slow start and gradual build, “Backwards” stands out as an example of the band’s versatile nature. The band’s ability to make a compelling song with varying intensity is one of the aspects of this album that makes it such an impressive work.


Kings Kaleidoscope’s tone and message change as the listener progresses through the album. “The Coma” gives details of a person who, as the song says, has their back to the wall and needs to fight through the fog that is in front of them. “Hero Over my Head” presents details of the battles listeners face, trying to find God and fight against the flesh, a theme also appearing in “Naked Feet & Holy Fire.” This track is very intriguing because it uses the symbolism of a knight who has no loyalty to a king. The aimless knight is a sinner who chases, as said in the song, after fool’s gold, silk and money. The “demon diamond” that is referenced represents our fleshly desires, and the constant drive to find it represents the temptations that we face. Although the song dives into the unpleasant truth that the battle against temptation and search for a meaning outside of God are incredibly difficult, it also informs the listeners that there is beauty and peace in “being still.” “Zeal” uniquely addresses two concepts, with the first half emphasizing evil and the second half emphasizing what lies beyond life’s battles.


The second half of “Zeal” covers the positive aspects of enduring spiritual battles, highlighting how Christians can overcome them. The track “Same Blood” dives into the importance of fellowship, a theme which listeners can clearly pinpoint in the song’s lyrics.

“If we are not together, we will be lost in the dark,” sings frontman Chad Gardner in the chorus.

Breathing Infinity” describes what it is like to grow closer to the Lord, portraying the mystery of God’s nature that leads to freedom. The album closes with “A Little Bit of Faith,” which digs deeper into the freedom that Christians find through faith.

“Now you’re living in the music. Now you’re laughing with the new grin, you’re so alive. Alive, uh. Now you’re singing what the truth is. Now you’re dancing, looking foolish, you’ve found the light,” Gardner sings in the song’s second verse.

“Zeal” perfectly blends the concepts of battle and the peace that Christ followers find once they experience victory. The sound, pace and concept all fuse together excellently for a very intriguing album, encouraging listeners to think not just on the symbolism, but also on how they can apply the message to their walks with God.

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