SGA Rundown: NCAA, change in senate positions and success for transfer students featured

Senators hear about Biola athletics, hiring changes for positions and consider how to best help transfer students.

Amanda Frese, Staff Writer

As the school year is coming to a close, the Student Government Association held one of their final meetings of the year. Senators considered the coming year and reflected on their past successes and projects. Additionally, senators heard from athletic director Bethany Miller, who spoke on Biola athletics officially entering into Division II of the NCAA and how this benefits Biola students. The senate meeting concluded with a discussion on the Council for Student Success and how to retain transfer students and cater to their needs.

As they enter the final stages of president Sierra McCoy’s senate remodel, SGA considered changes in senate positions, including adding the position of a vice president of diversity and inclusion elect. McCoy proposed a constitutional change to add the position and also revamp the hiring process of it. McCoy proposed that the senate begin hiring earlier in the spring semester for the position to improve training, as well as inclusion of outside diversity staff as part of the interviewing process. Senate will vote on the proposal for the constitutional change in their next meeting.


In July 2016, Biola entered into the three-year membership process of joining DII of the NCAA, according to Miller. In July, Biola will be reviewed to enter into full NCAA membership.

By becoming a DII team in the NCAA, Biola will have access to funding for championships, grants and other initiatives, such as transportation for student athletes to tournaments and athletic events. Additionally, Miller says that the association prioritizes the academics of student athletes. It outlines specific requirements for academics including class attendance, which minimizes conflict between academics and athletics and encourages the well-being of the athletes. While entering the NCAA, Biola will be initiating a “Chase Gym refresh,” with expanded weight and training rooms, as well as potential offices for full-time athletic staff, according to Miller.

Additionally, Miller said Biola has already installed air conditioning in the gym and will soon start construction on an intramural event center in the future to better organize intramural resources and events.

Biola athletics is looking for ways to partner with SGA in the future through continuing to promote athletic events and provide food at games, such as the In-n-Out food truck at basketball games.


Alpha senator Corinna Magness, a member of the student success committee, led senators in a discussion about how senate can better retain transfer students and fulfill their needs. Off-Campus Community senator Jordan Wright addressed the need to find ways for Biola to partner with transfer students so they can fulfill credits—including Bible credits—without exceeding four years. Diversity coordinator Jasmine Teeny suggested talking to current students about how to relieve the stress of graduating on time for transfer students, as well as talking to prospective transfer students about their expectations and needs.

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