“Unplanned” presents a heartbreaking tribute to a pro-life advocate

Prayers, painful imagery and connection come together in Pure Flix’s latest film.


Adam Pigott, Staff Writer

Directors Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman do not disappoint in their latest film, “Unplanned,” mixing graphic imagery, a powerful message and a storm of emotions throughout the film. Because it brings up discussions on a hot-button issue, “Unplanned” may become one of Pure Flixs’ most controversial films.

The film follows the true story of former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson and how she transitioned from her pro-choice career to a pro-life advocate. After witnessing the abortion of a 13-week-old fetus, she has a change of heart and leaves her old life behind.

Visceral Emotion

With scenes that could stir feelings of unease and queasiness in some audience members, “Unplanned” does not hold back when portraying the gruesomeness of abortion procedures. The film successfully arouses an emotional response through graphic imagery necessary to convey its message.

While Pure Flix may not have as large of a budget as other major film companies, they can take pride in knowing how to take aim at the audience’s emotions, creating films that challenge their beliefs. While their other films, such as “God’s Not Dead,” accomplish that goal to a certain degree, “Unplanned” goes full-throttle.

Representation and The Message

“Unplanned” excellently portrays each viewpoint on abortion, including pro-choice characters, aggressive pro-life protestors that hold signs saying “baby killer” and peaceful protestors from 40 Days for Life who have a desire to bring people to their side with prayers and kindness. The film goes even further by including references to the assassination of George Tiller, a physician known for performing late-term abortions. Ultimately, the biggest takeaway for Christians from “Unplanned” is how to respond and discuss abortion. The film shows that Christians need to respond to those that have had abortions with love, kindness and support. The protestors with signs saying “baby killer” are examples of who not to be.


“Unplanned” uniquely connects the cast and the story of the film. In a sneak peek with Christian Radio, Ashley Bratcher, who portrays Abby Johnson, tells the story of her mother’s decision to have an abortion before Bratcher was born. Bratcher’s mother planned on aborting her as well, but decided against it at the last minute.

“It is a very different concept to hear someone say, ‘Abortion was an option, but I chose not to do that,’ as opposed to hearing you are seconds away from never having existed,” Bratcher said. “But it is evidence that God has planned my steps long before I ever stepped foot on earth.”

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