“Triple Frontier” exhilarates and disappoints

Intense tension and exciting thrills meet poor character development and a sloppy ending in Ben Affleck’s latest film.

Adam Pigott, Staff Writer

Director J.C. Chandor’s new action thriller “Triple Frontier” simultaneously impresses and disappoints. It combines deep messages, nerve-wracking close corner action scenes, a constantly changing pace and unexpected plot twists that continually entertain. However, the film falls short through unsatisfying character development and a poor, generic ending.


Santiago Garcia, played by Oscar Garcia, and a team of ex-special forces team up to steal a drug lord’s millions. However, their heist starts to go downhill quickly because of unintended consequences.

Starring Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Pedro Pascal and Garrett Hedlund, “Triple Frontier” can take pride in its prestigious cast that creates palpable, gut-wrenching suspense throughout the film. By drawing these suspenseful scenes out, the film offers brief glimpses of different character arcs, offering some foreshadowing that is highlighted by eerie and tense music. “Triple Frontier” takes audiences through twists and turns, heightening tension at crucial moments in the plot. The film begins with an “Ocean’s Eleven” feeling but transitions to a darker tone revolving around survival, similar to that of “Lone Survivor.”

“Triple Frontier” also aims for the jugular of one of mankind’s greatest motivators: desperation. It leads the special forces team to go forward with their plans, and their desire for more is what ultimately leads to unintended consequences. Their greed and desperation result in more death and suffering, testing their will and spirits.


The audience gets a glimpse of the characters’ motivations. However, the film throws the audience into the plot expecting them to know the backstory of each character and does not develop or expand on any of their arcs. The film gives the audience glimpses of how each character is unique, but it fails to build upon superficial attributes. Ultimately, “Triple Frontier” is mediocre and boring, accentuated by its lackluster ending. While one of the final scenes is touching, the ending lacks explanation. This would usually work for films that are set up to hint a sequel, but “Triple Frontier” is not one of them.

“Triple Frontier” contains elements of an exciting action film, but it also stumbles through fundamental storytelling points. While this may not be one of Affleck’s most notable films, it still is not one to turn down. Overall, although there were many problems, Chandor’s exhilarating action-thriller is worth watching.

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