The best of Ariana Grande playlist

Listen to these Ariana Grande essentials before diving into her new album.


Kayla Santos, Deputy Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Friday, Feb. 8, Ariana Grande released her fifth studio album, “thank u, next.” Since the release of her debut album, “Yours Truly,” Grande has evolved into one of today’s most well-known pop artists. Before your first taste of Grande’s latest project, listen to these favorites from her previous albums.

The Way

Sampling Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player” and featuring late boyfriend Mac Miller, Grande invaded radio stations across the country after this song’s release in March 2013. The song debuted at no. 10, peaked at no. 9 and spent 22 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its early-2000s R&B beats and Grande’s Mariah Carey-like vocal range made a lasting impression, properly introducing Grande to the mainstream music scene.

Honeymoon Avenue

Although not as cheery and uplifting as “The Way,” this heart-wrenching, automotive-themed track expresses Grande’s emotions in a past romance after passing the honeymoon phase.  Through symphonic strings and slow R&B beats, Grande vulnerably croons about the downward spiral of her relationship.

Tattooed Heart

Soulful and steady, “Tattooed Heart” takes listeners back to doo-wop days when teenagers hopped on the poodle skirt and leather jacket trend. From its early finger snaps, simple piano arpeggios and airy background to its later trap-inspired beats, the track journeys from the 1950s to the 2010s, treating listeners to nostalgic and modern tastes.

Love Me Harder

An infusion of synth-pop and R&B, Grande memorably collaborated with The Weeknd in this sultry track, which peaked at no. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart after its late 2014 release. After the track’s success, Grande was named the artist with the most top-10 singles of 2014.

One Last Time

Straddling the lines between EDM and dance-pop, this track from sophomore album “My Everything” peaked at no. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2015. Its consistent synth line and drum samples earned Grande her sixth top-20 single on the charts. After the bombing at her Manchester concert in 2017, Grande re-released the song, which then peaked at no. 2 on the UK Singles Chart.


Grande captivates listeners with glowy keys, violin plucking and her distinct soprano vocals in this opening track for her third studio album, “Dangerous Woman.” Expressing the mesmerization with her latest beau, Grande takes a break from uptempo pop and slows it down for listeners. Twinkling and romantic, the track is like the “Tattooed Heart” of the album with its nostalgic, doo-wop vibes.


Hidden within Grande’s “Dangerous Woman,” this song features an acoustic guitar line and smooth R&B beats as Grande continues to gush about her mystery boy. Although “Sometimes” missed the wave of popularity throughout mainstream media, this simple, catchy track remains a favorite for longtime fans.


Sampled from Beyonce’s unreleased “Wake Up,” Grande dreamily hums about her dream boy in this track off the “Sweetener” album released last year. Written and produced by Pharrell Williams, Grande enthralls listeners in this heavy R&B soundscape.

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