iStudiez: the most useful app you’ve never heard of

Check out this app that will keep you on top of all your schoolwork.

Melissa Fuentes, Freelance Writer

How difficult is it for you to stay on top of your classes and schoolwork? How often do you find yourself lost in the stress and busyness of school? Hidden among millions of smartphone apps is “iStudiez,” a task keeping app dedicated to keep you on track and meet your deadlines. With midterms on the horizon, this app may be worth checking out.

“iStudiez Pro” is an incredibly useful app and costs only $2.99. The makers of “iStudiez” have also created “iStudiez Lite,” which allows students to download the app and test it before purchasing. Everything you need to know about assignments, reminders, classes and deadlines are on the app. These are just some of the few features of “iStudiez.”

Of the 20 Biola students I surveyed, only two had heard of the app, and only one of the two had actually used the app. Senior and cinema media arts major Novel Burns was one of the two students that downloaded “iStudiez.” Burns first heard about the college app through Instagram.

“I bought the app and I’m so glad I did,” Burns said. “It lets me input my current semesters, instructors, holidays, and alerts me when assignments are due. Best of all it keeps track of my grades.”

Most of us have our organization apps on our phones, however, this app is directed towards students. “iStudiez” is also user specific. It holds important information that applies solely to you. Ultimately, this app was created to help students organize their hectic work courses.

“Let’s face it, 95 percent of us are always on our phones,” said freshman communication sciences and disorders major Crystal Hoyt St. Louis. “Considering most college students always have their phone in hand, it’s a lot more likely they will see the alerts of the assignments they have due. And they’re more likely to do them because they’re like, ‘Oh, I better do this or else my phone will alert me again.’ It becomes more efficient instead of looking at a planner.”

Learning time management and having a helpful planner like “iStudiez” to keep you organized are skills that can develop academic success. At the end of the day, a student’s success is in their own hands. This app can help you navigate the tedious tasks of this midterm season, setting you up to accomplish your academic goals.

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