“Bambi” Review: add Hippo Campus’s latest album to your fall playlist

Indie rock band Hippo Campus flaunts electronic beats and catchy guitar riffs in their sophomore album.

Kayla Santos, Staff Writer

Minnesota-based indie rock band Hippo Campus recently released their sophomore album, “Bambi,” featuring dreamy electronic beats infused with light, indie pop vibes that capture the band’s unique sound. Released on Sept. 28, the totality of Hippo Campus’s 10-track album paints a picture of the transition into autumn.


Although Hippo Campus is recognized for their more upbeat songs, their latest album exudes a much slower pace compared to its predecessor. Fans of Hippo Campus also notice the band’s increase of electronic usage throughout the album. However, despite these changes, Hippo Campus manages to keep their sound distinct.

Their album opens with the melancholic, chorale-esque “Mistakes.” The following three tracks boast of Hippo Campus’s knack for creating glossy tunes that bring you into utopia. Fan favorite song “Bambi,” which was released as a single earlier this year, can make a cloudy day feel sunny through its energetic, electronic beats. Towards the middle of the album, we can sense a shift of the band’s mood from cheery to gloomy through vulnerable songs like “Why Even Try” and “Think it Over.”

“‘Why Even Try’ deals with a damaged relationship and the cynical nature of of our feelings,” guitarist Jake Luppen said in an interview with The 405.

The last few tracks feature Hippo Campus’s rock vibes in “Honestly” and “Golden,” both of which are buoyant and guitar-heavy. The album closes with the same lethargy it started with, as “Passenger” acts as the perfect song for a rainy day.

“Lyrically the themes deal with the challenges of growing alongside the person you love,” Luppen shared with Indie is Not a Genre.


Interestingly, Hippo Campus’s debut album “Landmark” radiates major summer vibes while “Bambi” radiates autumn vibes. Whether you are drinking a pumpkin spice latte or picking out your Halloween costume, listen to Hippo Campus’s “Bambi” to make your fall season more enjoyable.

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