The Conservatory of Music opens concert series with the Modern Brass Quintet

The Modern Brass Quintet wows with traditional and contemporary arrangements.


Photo Courtesy of Conservatory of Music. Design by Thecla Li / THE CHIMES

Natalia Henderson, Freelance Writer

The birth of a new piece is akin to the birth of a star. Both are magnificent, rare events. Both inspire awe.

The Conservatory of Music opened its fall 2018 concert series with such an event. On Saturday, Sept. 15, the Modern Brass Quintet graced the stage of Crowell Hall, performing pieces of diverse genres. The performers were Marissa Benedict, Dan Rosenboom and Dave Washburn on trumpets, Dylan Hart on the horn, Steve Suminski on the trombone and Doug Tornquist on the tuba. The conservatory was made proud by two featured faculty members in the concert: Dave Washburn, trumpet studio artist, and Robert Denham, associate professor of music composition and theory and area coordinator of composition. The quintet played a variety of pieces, ranging from Vivaldi of the Baroque period to Eugéne Bozza of the Contemporary. The highlight of this incredible evening was the premiere of a new piece by a current artist, “Speaking of Beginnings…” by  Denham.

One of the greatest gifts God gave mankind is the ability to create. Mankind’s genesis of the arts, whether it be music or other forms, reflects God’s vivid imagination. The Modern Brass Quintet shared a memorable performance, and the conservatory is honored to have had these performing guest artists. The conservatory also celebrates Denham’s new star in the cosmos of compositions.

The fall 2018 Conservatory Music series has only just begun. Upcoming performances can be found on the conservatory website. We hope to see you there.


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